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How does one fathom the needs of children in countries across the world one has never visited?

Signal Mountain Creative Director,  Andrea Phelps has been working for more than five years on 9 different mobile Compassion Experiences, a self-guided tour that immerses visitors in the lives of the children. Through the use of an iPod, a headset and over 2,000 square feet of interactive space, visitors will see the children’s homes, walk through schools and markets, and hear life-changing stories of hope—all from the perspective of a child whose life began in poverty. This free event is appropriate for all ages and is an excellent opportunity for anyone who has never had the chance to travel outside the U.S. to get a small glimpse of what life can be like in developing countries.

Phelps, creative director of the project for Central City, Ky.-based Brewco Marketing Group, said the exhibit will help spread the message of Christian organization Compassion International throughout the United States.

"[Compassion International] helps sponsor kids who live in extreme poverty," she said of the organization, which provides support in the form of nutrition, medical assistance, spiritual teaching and encouragement to 1.3 million children worldwide through church partnerships. "They take kids only and teach them so they change the community."

Referred to as an "interactive immersive display," the exhibit was built inside two semitrailers transformed into a 3,500-square-foot recreational vehicle that travels the country.

"We built multiple stories of kids from the time they are toddlers to now, with an audio tour of how Compassion International changed their life and where they are now," said Phelps of the display, which attempts to recreate as closely as possible environments of extreme poverty.

Along with four videographers, Andrea has traveled to Uganda, Ethiopia and Central America to gather detailed information about the lives of the children whose stories are shared through the display, conducting interviews and taking video footage in their homes and communities.

"It gives people who have never been out of the country an eye-opening experience," she said. "If you can't go on a mission trip this is the next best thing."

Phelps said she has never been on a mission trip, but she does sponsor two child through Compassion International for $38 a month. According to the organization's website, 100,000 children are currently waiting for a sponsorship through Compassion International.

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